Hello, I am Anastasis Karydas. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece. I was the kid
that used to draw all the time , everywhere, on anything and never paid
any serious attention to anything else at school. As a consequence I studied
Graphic Design and Design and got two degrees on these subjects,
however it was always tattooing that took my fancy. I started at 17
with any means and tools that were available at the time and carried on
parallel to my studies. I then sat for a nine months apprenticeship
in a good shop and then straight into the deep waters! I have over 27 years
of experience in tattooing and I had worked in many shops, mainly in London
gaining it. I decided to open Titan Tattoo in 2006 because I wanted to have
a place that I call home where I could feel good and I would be able
to give my 100% to the Art I love and of course my precious customers.
Although I can create in many mediums I always wanted to tattoo
as my main expression, my main tool ; to date I do not know why.
I am still fascinated by tattoos as I was the first time I ever saw one.
It is one of those things, I know I love them, just don’t know why!
I do all kinds of work from tiny to whole body tattoos, but I am mainly drawn
to Japanese and portraits. That’s two different worlds that keep some kind
of balance in my head! My shop is super clean, comfy and situated in a nice,
quiet area, far from noise, trouble and other distractions. I have always loved
tattooing since the days that it was not that popular, in fact the rebellious
aspect is probably one of the factors that I liked it at first. I am not trying
to promote any fashion or take advantage of it. In fact tattoos might be
more acceptable but they can never be fashionable because fashion comes
and goes, tattoos are PERMANENT. I do mainly custom work because
I believe that every tattoo is unique just as the person that has it is.
Everyone and every idea is welcome at my shop.

Anastasis’ 24 years of experience delivers quality to those who love tattoo Art
Anastasis Karydas


How old do I have to be to get tattooed?
You have to be 18 to get tattooed by law and parental consent is irrelevant.
Please be very careful and do not get tattooed by people that will agree
to tattoo you before your 18th as they are not professionals, usually
non skilled and they might be cutting corners from other more important
aspects as hygiene; in other words no serious, good tattooist will work
on minors. Wait a little, do your research, come talk to me all you like,
18 and a day you can enjoy a nice piece done properly and safely
by someone that knows what he is doing.

What about the healing process
Full aftercare advice will be given to all clients, however roughly speaking
you are looking at 2-3 weeks of healing time where you’ll have to use cream
on your tattoo and be a bit careful with it. There are some
dos and some dont’s, nothing difficult or demanding. Like mentioned before full aftercare
advice will be given verbally and in written so nothing to worry about.

Do tattoos fade? Do colour tattoos fade easily?
In order to have a good tattoo you are looking at three factors:
first it has to be done well, which is the tattooist’s responsibility. Then the wearer
has to look after it well and follow the aftercare advice and finally the tattoo
has to be protected from the sun. Any of those three goes wrong
and the final result can be affected. I always do 100% so nothing to worry
about the first, then as long as you look after it you can enjoy a nice piece
for many years to come! I will not get very technical here, but the sun
is the worst enemy of a tattoo. Continuous exposure will fade the tattoo
starting from the lightest colours ( white, yellow, etc) and lighter shading.
Roughly speaking this happens because the radiation breaks down the ink
into smaller particles that can then be absorbed by our body.
Nothing to worry about as long as you use factor 50 sun block. 15 minutes
before exposing it to the sun and every half hour afterwards. In general
exposing your skin to strong sun is very dangerous and you should always
protect it, especially in very hot countries and when the rays are vertical,
say 14:00-17:00 at your favourite holiday resort!

Anyone that wants more information on the subject can come and ask me
in person, I am always happy to share my knowledge and give advice.

Do I get charged extra for custom work
No! You only put a £20 deposit down when you are booking artwork,
that will come off your tattoo price. This is just a small guarantee
that you’ll get back and I will not spend hours drawing for no reason.
I am more than happy to do custom work, I believe that every piece should be unique
and in fact I will be spending either work hours or after work hours drawing
towards your tattoo and this is extra work,
however I am more than happy to do so. All I want is a bit of understanding
at times that I am very busy! Tattooing 6-7 hours a day and then drawing
is not always easy! Finally, when free handing a piece that counts
as your normal tattoo time and that’s how all those lovely pieces and Japanese backgrounds are created!

How long does a tattoo take to be completed? Say I want a sleeve…
Every tattoo is different! It depends on the size, technique and complexity
of it. For example a Japanese sleeve is around 25 hours work, then again
same person, same arm but a tribal design can be half that time. A sleeve full
of portraits might be more. Finally the size of the person! Are you a petite
little girl or are you Mr Universe? Just pop in the shop for a chat
and everything will be sorted! Don’t be afraid to ask!


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